Transfer market: Braithwaite’s agent, upset with Jorge Mendes: “I take care of my players”

Hasan Cetinkaya, representative of Martin Braithwaite, He was upset with the information that indicates that Jorge Mendes would be interceding for his player to sign for Wolverhampton.

“Jorge Mendes has nothing to do with Martin Braithwaite, he is also false like all the other writings. Jorge Mendes does not have players in Barcelona. In Wolverhampton he can concentrate, but I take care of my players in Barcelona,” he explained in the BT newspaper .

“Why should Martin Braithwaite move to Wolverhampton, and why should an agent who has no players in Barcelona try to bring my player to Wolverhampton, even though I know Jorge Mendes has good connections with clubs like Wolverhampton? It’s a waste of time for everyone. “he insisted.

It does not move

“Martin Braithwaite plays for the largest club in the world, he works with one of the most important coaches in the world. From day one until now, everything has exceeded all expectations in terms of playing time in Barcelona and well-being at the club, and he is very happy. He was one of the best players of the last European Championship with incredible statistics, and to continue in Barcelona “, he assured.

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