“Train to Busan” will feature an American remake

The tape is one of the most successful productions in South Korea. Photo: Next Entertainment World | Next Entertainment World

In 2016 we would see a great furore caused by the South Korean thriller « Train to Busan”, Which would become one of the most successful productions in the Asian country. The film would narrate how a chemical leak explodes a zombie apocalypse throughout the country, which the passengers of a train that has just left from the capital must survive.

Last year despite the complications caused by the pandemic, it would be released in select cinemas and digital platforms « Peninsula”, A sequel set many years after the original installment. Building on the great success of this emerging franchise, New Line Cinema has announced that they are already in the process of making a remake produced in U.S.

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« Train To Busan » it was created by Yeon sang-ho, who would debut in 2011 with the animated film “King of Pigs”, A psychological drama about the effect of bullying on the lives of middle-aged men who meet after many years of finishing high school. His 2016 film would accumulate more than 11 million viewers in his native country, with almost 100 million dollars raised worldwide.

Deadline reports that negotiations have already begun for Timo Tjahnto, Indonesian director known for his work with Netflix on the tape « The Night Comes for Us”, Be in charge of directing the film that will feature James wan as a producer in collaboration with Michael Clear of Atomic Monster, as well as Nicolas Atlan Y Terry kalagian of Gaumont.

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Its continuation, « Train To Busan: Peninsula”: Was part of the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival in 2020. Despite the fact that the contest did not take place in that year, the organizers decided that the originally programmed tapes would retain the seal to facilitate their international distribution.

Sang-ho would reveal that some of his biggest influences for this new installment would be the saga of « Mad Max » Y « Akira”, One of the most important cyberpunk stories in Japan. In it the peninsula of Korea like a wasteland invaded by zombies, in which different sides fight for their own survival.