Trailer of the reunion of ‘Friends’ full of emotions, laughter, nostalgia and stellar guests

Take a breath. And maybe something to dry your tears. Hours after posting the first pictures of the ‘Friends’ reunion, HBO Max launches the trailer of the special in which finally, so many years later, the six protagonists have met again only and exclusively to talk about the sitcom that marked millions of viewers.

To talk … and much more! In the trailer we already see touches of what had already been announced previously, such as the recreation of the trivia of the chapter ‘The one with the embryos’, this time with questions from the series, or reading the script ‘The one that everyone discovers’. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer are very excited about this reunion and about returning to the Warner Bros. set where they recorded the episodes.

‘Friends’ Fashion Week

We also see some of the chapter’s special guests, like Tom Selleck re-entering the door of Monica’s apartment wearing a mustache or Cara Delevingne doing a show of models of mythical looks from the series.

Reunion of ‘Friends’ premieres May 27 on HBO Max. In our country, HBO Spain has said that they will not bring it because it is exclusive content from HBO Max, so perhaps we will have to wait for the update of the streaming platform to arrive, which will technically happen in the second half of this year. But after having seen the trailer, how can they leave us like this!

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