Trailer of the new remaining episodes of Superman & Lois

Image from Superman & Lois 1x06: Broken Trust (2021)

Next Tuesday in the United States, and the next day in Spain, we will be able to enjoy the return of the series “Superman and Lois”. After a stoppage caused by how the pandemic affected production, The CW network will resume the broadcast of the first season from Chapter 6, entitled “Broken Trust”.

Remember that there are ten episodes ahead to close the season, and to promote these new episodes, the chain has released a trailer for those chapters that are to come.

The last time we saw the Kent family in Smallville, they were still in confusion. While Superman / Clark Kent has sought to stop Captain Luthor, Jordan Kent has not adjusted well to his newfound powers. Unlike his father, Jordan appears to lack self-control. And that can be deadly when you are suddenly one of the most powerful individuals on Earth. Additionally, Jordan’s initial use of heat vision has empowered other teens as well.

Meanwhile, Lois Lane has been investigating the mystery of why Morgan Edge is so interested in Smallville. Edge’s personal assistant Leslie Larr has also been revealed to have very Kryptonian powers.

Also, it seems that Captain Luthor might be honest with Lois about his true mission. In an alternate world, Captain Luthor was married to Lois before Superman destroyed their planet. This is also why Captain Luthor is targeting the Man of Steel. Luthor has already presented himself to Lois with a covert identity. But it still has secrets that the public does not yet know.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Kent has largely gotten lost in the mix. The non-superhuman brother of the Kents is too deadly, and it looks like he’s nearly died in the new footage. Most likely, Jonathan will end up getting his powers. But if not now, when?

The synopsis for episode six is ​​as follows:

Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) reconsiders his decision to let Jordan (Alex Garfin) play soccer. Meanwhile, Lois’s (Elizabeth Tulloch) ongoing investigation into Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) requires her to trust an unexpected ally.

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