Trailer of ‘The Mosquito Coast’

40 years after its publication, Apple TV + has decided rescue the book « The Mosquito Coast » by Paul Theroux for a new adaptation in the form of a television limited series.

Now, uncle and nephew have teamed up to produce the fiction of this peculiar thriller. In the modern version, which will premiere on April 30, 2021 and will consist of 7 episodes, Justin Theroux gives life to Allie Fox, a peculiar American inventor who decides to move to Mexico with his family, made up of his wife Margot ( Melissa George) and her two children Dina (Logan Polish) and Charlie (Gabriel Bateman).

Things go wrong when the family soon becomes reason for persecution by the United States Government. Little by little, the viewer will get to know the motives of this large-scale game of the cat and mouse recorded in locations in Mexico City, Guadalajar and the Riviera Nayarit, among others.

It is the second adaptation of « The Mosquito Coast » after the 1986 film starring Harrison Ford. turned out to be a critical and commercial failure. Both the book and the film contain an undercurrent of criticism towards consumerism or religion more softened in the series, which is more committed to drama and action,