Trailer of ‘Libertad’, the innovative series / film by Enrique Urbizu for Movistar +

The creator of ‘Gigantes’ signs a vintage bet with ‘Libertad’, which opens on March 26 in cinemas and on Movistar +.

Movistar + February 23, 2021 (3 hours ago)

Movistar + and Enrique Urbizu collaborate again with ‘Libertad’, which complies with the filmmaker’s desire to return to the big screen and with that of the platform to continue promoting its original series section. And is that when this new title is released on March 26 It will do so both in the on-demand catalog of the Telefónica service and in movie theaters, in two different formats that share the same story.

While viewers who opt for the film version will find a 135-minute long tape, those who prefer to see the series will be able to watch five 50-minute episodes, which would be the most complete option. In any case, both tell the story of Lucía la Llanera, a woman who lived through the beginning of the 19th century condemned to death. For 17 years, she has been about to be hung by the noose on numerous occasions, but is finally released along with her son, who has known no reality other than what is hidden behind prison bars.

Once in the street, soon they will be chased by gangs of bandits, which are also facing each other. The cast of this LaZona production, which will be distributed in theaters by A Contracorriente Films, is led by Bebe, Isak Férriz, Xabier Deive, Jorge Suquet, Sofía Oria and Jason Fernández.