Every day there is less to visit the kingdom of Fiore in the RPG of Fairy Tail developed by Koei Tecmo and GUST, but also to enjoy the intense battles that will follow the traditional turn formula. However, in this type of games there are also some additions, and that is that we can dress the characters in different ways, and now it has been detailed how they will beSome of the costumes that players who get the Digital Deluxe Edition can have exclusively.

These are the exclusive costumes of the Digital Deluxe Edition of the Fairy Tail RPG

When a new title is released, there are different ways to get hold of it, digital and physical, but in these two formats there are also different editions that have different incentives for players to decide to get one or the other. Thus, the Fairy Tail RPG will be no exception, and one of the versions it will have, the Digital Deluxe Edition, will give access to a pack of costumes based on the Great Magic Games saga for Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray and Wendy, but it will also have a costume for Lucy based on Atelier Ryza; And now we can see how these suits will be thanks to the new trailer that has been shared through social networks. To go to the latest fashion in the kingdom of Fiore!

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In this way, we can only keep waiting for something else to be able to join the most outrageous magicians’ guild thanks to the different editions that will be released. And you, are you more of the traditional physical format or do you bet lately on the comfort that some give that digital format that means that we do not have to be changing the cartridge or the disk every time we want to play something else?