Trailer for the new Vicky Luengo movie

After the success of ‘Anti-riot’, we will be able to see again Vicky luengo on ‘Chicks’, Carol Rodríguez Colás’ debut feature that hits theaters on September 3 from Filmax. The film tells the story of Marta, Desi, Soraya and Bea, inseparable friends in adolescence, who meet again in the neighborhood to revive the friendship that united them, share new adventures together and face the dilemmas that surround them. A reality that will force them to face those adolescents who were and the women they want to be. Almost without realizing it, they will help each other make important decisions in their lives. The passage of time and how different they are will not be an excuse for their friendship to prevail over everything else.

They complete the cast Elisabet casanovas (Merlí), Carolina Yuste (Goya by Carmen and Lola), Angela Cervantes (Perfect life), Ana Fernandez (The cable girls), Jose Mota (The spark of life), Cristina Plazas (Vis a vis), Mario Zorrilla (The secret of Puente Viejo), Biel Duran (Salvador Puig Antich), Maite Buenafuente (Sonata for cello), Lluís Marquès (Blue Rai) and Frank Feys (The photographer from Mauthausen).

“It does not approach the neighborhood from the exoticization, nor the reduction of its image to the folklore to which it has been subjected especially by the music industry. It is a fresh and naturalistic bet that portrays the essence of the periphery, without associating it with the marginality that has often been attributed to it. A real neighborhood, vibrant and full of life, where four lifelong friends live situations full of truth, humor and emotion “explains the director.

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