Trailer for James Wan’s new horror movie

“Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens when she discovers that these waking dreams are, in fact, terrifying realities,” underlines the official synopsis of ‘Evil one‘, the return of James wan to horror films, a genre with which he became a star behind the cameras.

New Line Cinema, in association with Starlight Media Inc. and My Entertainment Inc., presents today the first trailer of the long-awaited title with which Wan intends to scare us again in the darkness of a dark movie theater thanks to the distribution of Warner Bros. Pictures, which has announced the release date of ‘Evil one‘in Spain on September 3, 2021.

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Starring Annabelle wallis (‘Annabelle’, ‘The Mummy’), Maddie hasson (‘Mr. Mercedes’), George Young, Michole briana white, Jacqueline McKenzie, Jake abel and Ingrid bisu, the script of the film is signed by Akela cooper (‘Grimm’, ‘The 100’, ‘Luke Cage’) on an idea of Ingrid bisu and Wan himself.

The success of ‘Saw‘in 2004 he converted to James wan in an important type among lovers of the genre and producers who understood that it had not been luck. After the curious’Death warrant‘ Y ‘Silence from evil‘, both premiered in 2007, at Blumhouse they cast their eye on him and gave him carte blanche for the simple and terribly effective’Insidious‘(2010), which not only put him in command of a sequel, but allowed him to get involved in a more ambitious project with Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema as godparents.

In addition to ‘Insidious: Chapter 2‘, in 2013 he released the brilliant’Warren File: The Conjuring‘which started his own horror franchise that the filmmaker re-signed’The Warren File: The Enfield Case‘in 2016, his last horror movie to date.

After trying his luck in other people’s sagas with the spectacular ‘Fast & furious 7‘(2015) and the successful’Aquaman‘(2018), it’s time to test if it is still capable of giving us goosebumps.

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Warner Bros.

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