In Dr. Mario World We can use our mobiles to consult and thus eliminate each and every one of the multicolored bacteria that try to spread throughout the world of the most famous multi-employee plumber in the history of video games. Since these bacteria reproduce very quickly, the practice occasionally hires new doctors and, as announced through the game’s official Twitter account, a new doctor will soon join the team of available professionals, and we already know what your main skills will be. Pay attention to the following lines to know each and every one of the details!

Dr. Lemmy and the new assistants demonstrate what they are capable of in a new trailer

This time it helps her Dr. Mario World It comes from the hand of Dr. Lemmy, the new specialist who joins the practice. Thus, this new professional will be able to immediately break 10 barrels. In versus mode, your ability will be completely different, since there what you will do is hide a virus in one of the barrels that are on the opponent’s screen.

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Also, this time only a single assistant arrives, Sushi, who, in case of having blue viruses in the single player mode, will ensure that there is a 20% chance that all viruses will be eliminated; but in multiplayer mode it will grant a 30% chance to defend against a double attack. To end up cutting it healthy with the reproduction of these multicolored viruses so annoying that they make the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom sick! The new doctors have it all under control!