Trailer for ‌Jupiter’s Legacy, the new Netflix superhero series

The time has come, the ‌Jupiter’s Legacy first trailer it’s here. We are talking about one of the most important series of Netflix during this year, the one that intends to compete directly against the proposals of Marvel and DC. It is not an easy task, however, the company knows that offering quality original content is the key to maintaining its dominance. It is because of that they will not skimp on resources in this production.

The first trailer for ‌Jupiter’s Legacy, which you can see below, looks quite promising. In addition, it shows the strong investment of Netflix in regard to special effects and cast. We must not forget that the series is based on the homonymous comic by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass and Kingsman) and Frank Quitely, who are participating as content producers. Its premiere is scheduled for the next May 7th.

Jupiter’s Legacy and the “complicated” life of a superhero family

In the Jupiter’s Legacy trailer we already saw a brief preview of what awaits us in the narrative field. The story focuses on Sheldon sampson, who loses everything after the fall of Wall Street in 1929. However, visiting a mysterious island acquires its powers and becomes The Utopian. Shortly after creates The Union, a group of superheroes whose duty is to protect humanity. Sampson’s problem, and also his wife Grace, is that sooner or later they had to give up their role to their children. The latter are going through their youth and are not up to the duty that corresponds to them.

Over several decades, ‌Jupiter’s Legacy “Exposes the complex dynamics of family, power and loyalty” of the first generation of superheroes. “After spending nearly a century protecting humanity, the first generation of superheroes must pass the baton on to their children to carry on their legacy. But tensions are mounting when young people, eager to prove their worth, fail to live up to either the legendary public reputation of their parents or their demanding personal standards, “says the synopsis shared by Netflix.

Jupiter's Legacy Trailer

Sang kyu kim, who worked on series like The Walking Dead, 24, Altered Carbon and Designated Survivor, to name just a few, is the showrunner from ‌Jupiter’s Legacy. The cast is made up of Josh Duhamel (Sheldon Sampson), Leslie Bibb (Grace), Ben Daniels (Walter Sampson), Elena Kampouris (Chloe Sampson), Andrew Horton (Brandon Sampson), Mike Wade (Fitz) and Matt Lanter (George Hutchence).