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Golpe a Cayo Perico will include the possibility of doing solo hits and new social spaces.

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GTA Online continues to grow and is the main reason why Grand Theft Auto V has not dropped below the weekly sales tops in almost any territory in the world for more than seven years. The multiplayer section of the game Rockstar just announced its biggest update to date: Blow to Cayo Perico, includes a more exotic location with respect to what we are used to, and promises a new style for hits, which can be done alone for the first time or in the company of a band with three more players from december.

Rockstar wants us to infiltrate one of the safest private islands in the worldThe plot of this new expansion will give us an entire island with the aim of infiltrate the complex of the most famous drug trafficker in the world. It will be up to each player how to kill their security forces to meet the objective of escaping the place with evidence and evidence, as well as all the treasures, works of art, gold and black money possible. The download will come with numerous social spaces to meet other players or friends. There will also be new world-class DJs, new radio stations with 100 new songs, as well as vehicles, weapons and even the possibility of build a new headquarters inside a submarine, which we can put together to the teeth and fill it with other surprises.

“You decide how to enter Cayo Perico, one of the safest private islands in the world; how to avoid or neutralize the well-equipped security forces that are there and how to escape with a series of valuable tests as well as with all the works of art, gold and black money that you can take with you. Choose the means. Choose the strategy. Choose your team … or do it even without any help. The only thing that matters is that you return to Los Santos in one piece, “presents Rockstar.

Golpe a Cayo Perico will be available on December 15, with the responsibility of living up to expectations as the largest GTA Online expansion to date, and being a reason for players to keep visiting and spending hours everywhere in the GTA V online, which has already sold more 135 million copies.

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