Trailer and release date

Apple has shown the first trailer of Foundation, his new science fiction series and one of the most anticipated of the year not only by Apple TV + users, but by any self-respecting fan of the genre … And, of course, the hype of many has not taken long to emerge, as well as the fears of many others facing the possible outcome that the television adaptation is not up to the work of Isaac Asimov.

Isaac Asimov is – and was not – one of the most popular and prolific science fiction authors that have ever existed – as well as a great scientific popularizer, without any fiction – and of the hundreds of novels of greater or lesser importance that he signed along with Throughout his life, Fundación is surely his masterpiece, his most ambitious work. A trilogy in its first stage – one would have to settle for that, which is already a lot – whose plot complexity, far from any conventional series of space adventures, did not seem sensible to lead to any type of screen, large or small.

But, look where, the streaming wars have made it possible: the Foundation series It will premiere on Apple TV + on September 24. We will then see to what extent this original apple production resembles what Asimov wrote, or chooses to take licenses to make something more attractive with an essence that is the antithesis of today’s fast-food junk product. It is, of course, a difficult challenge to undertake.

Unpublished challenges in the world of seventh art come together in the realization of this series of Foundation, as if carrying out a series of the look of 2001: An odyssey in space it was: is the public prepared for a series of science brainy fiction, in which the action is merely anecdotal in a literal sense, that is, taking place as a reference and nothing else; to get hooked on a story that takes place over the centuries?

And Apple, is it committed to dedicating the budget that a series like Foundation requires, not to pervert its essence -which makes it authentic and to a certain extent transcendent- in search of the easy hook and to continue and conclude it even when it is not profitable, because Is staying true to the novels not going to pay off? It is hard to believe both, and there are examples that serve as a bad omen.

Thus, we have on the one hand cancellations such as the audacious but poorly received Caprica, a sequel to the great Battlestar Galactica; threats of the type I want and I cannot because I do not dare like the most recent adaptation of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley … We will see, it should be repeated, what awaits us not the Isaac Asimov Foundation, but the Apple TV + Foundation. Meanwhile, here is the latest advance published to whet your appetite … if it is what there is.

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