FLORIDA – Authorities found the 9-year-old boy Alejandro Ripley dead, who was allegedly abducted by two men Thursday night when the boy with autism was in an area of ​​southwest Miami-Dade.

Police are trying to confirm if the body found this morning in a lake in Kendall, and that – according to preliminary data – was dressed in similar clothes to the one the minor was wearing, is the small kidnapped in the parking lot of a Home Depot located in the 15750 SW and 88th Street in Miami.

In a press conference offered this Friday morning, Miami-Dade authorities said they still cannot confirm that it is the missing boy, as the body remains in the lake.

The worst nightmare for his parents occurred this Thursday night in the Kendall area of ​​Miami, when the mother Patricia Ripley, 47, was stripped of her son. The boy of Hispanic origin was kidnapped while he was accompanying her when some subjects ambushed them, wounded her and took the boy.

Authorities and the family searched for hours for the little boy who was not speaking due to his autistic condition, which worsened the situation for the minor Alejandro Ripley, 9, who disappeared in southwest Miami-Dade.

Angel Rodríguez, a Miami-Dade detective, assured that “the boy was accompanying his mother just after 8:30 pm who was driving west through 88th Street in the southwest.”

According to the mother’s description to the police, Alejandro’s kidnappers were two black men on board a blue sedan model vehicle.

“These individuals forced the lady to make an abrupt left on 158th avenue, the passenger got out of the car and began to demand that she give him money or drugs,” said the detective in charge of the investigation.

“The passenger hit the lady, stole her cell phone and kidnapped the boy. The minor was wearing a blue Captain America T-shirt with the superhero shield in the center of his chest, black shorts and black crocks ”, at the time of his kidnapping.

The suspects’ car left the area at full speed. Now the Miami-Dade authorities are looking for clues that will allow them to find the alleged perpetrators of this lamentable event as soon as possible. If you have any information, you can contact the Miami-Dade Crime Stop Line.