Traffic accident kills more than 40 in Brazil

The incident is the most serious traffic accident on the roads of Sao Paulo in the last 22 years, according to the spokesman for the Militarized Police

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Sao Paulo.- At least 41 people have died this Wednesday and at least ten others were wounds in the state of Sao Paulo due to the collision between a bus carrying a group of employees and a truck, considered one of the worst traffic accidents from the last five years in Brazil.

The Fire brigade reported that 37 people died at the site of the collision and four other passengers died in hospitals in the region due to serious wounds.

The accident occurred in an area of ​​difficult access in the Alfredo de Oliveira Carvalho road, at the height of the town Taguaí, about 350 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo and near the border with the state of Parana.

The spokesman for the Militarized Police of Sao Paulo, Lieutenant Alexandre Guedes, told the GloboNews television network that, apparently, the vehicle was carrying around 50 workers from a textile business of the region, but explained that it is not yet possible to specify exact figures.

« We will help about 15 people in the place and four died in the transfer or in the hospital. We cannot say that it is a definitive number » because « there are other victims who require care, » he said.

The loss is the most serious accident traffic on the roads of Sao Paulo in the past 22 years, according to the spokesperson.

Guedes added that the causes of the accident are being investigated by a team of experts who are already on site.

« The hypothesis is that accident it happened because of an overtaking by the bus, « which ended up hitting the truck head-on, he said.

For his part, the governor of the state of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, regretted what happened, lent his solidarity to the families of the victims and announced an intensive work group to assist in the identification of the victims.

« The Ministry of Public Security activated the Medical Legal Institutes of the region, in the cities of Avaré, Botucatu and Itapetininga, to attend to the large number of deaths as quickly as possible, » the Government said in a statement.

The authorities also reported that the Civil and Militarized police are « dedicated » to caring for the victims of the collision and that a helicopter was also displaced to assist in the work.

« An expertise has been requested on the premises and the surviving victims are being assisted to the hospitals in the region, » the note added.

Likewise, the Civil Defense coordinator of Sao Paulo, Colonel Walter Nyakas Júnior, and the secretaries of Regional Development, Marco Vinholi, and of Health, Jean Gorinchteyn, went to the scene to help in the proceedings.

In addition to « providing solidarity to the victims and their families, » the secretaries must assist in coordinating the rescues, as well as « visiting the hospitals where the victims are, expediting the release of the bodies, and initiating an investigation into the causes of the accident« .


The Governorate of Sao Paulo He also called on citizens to make blood donations for the victims of the incident, since hospital banks are at critical levels due to the reduction in donors during the coronavirus pandemic.

« The victims of that terrible accident in Taguaí they need blood donations, « Doria stressed on his social networks.

Likewise, the Secretary of Health expressed that, due to the low levels in blood banks, there is a « risk of not being able to provide adequate assistance to these people » and called on residents of nearby cities to go to the centers. collectors.

« Today, the exceedances, due to the pandemic, were reduced for days. We reached emergency levels of having ‘stocks’ for a single day, » said the secretary today, when Brazil celebrates its National Blood Donor Day.