The NBA was on hiatus on March 12 when Rudy Gobert, a Uath Jazz player, tested positive for the coronavirus. Since then, the North American competition is working and negotiating with the Players Association all possible scenarios to solve the question of ending the season or not.

Bring youngThe Atlanta Hawks player has recently spoken about this decision to cancel the course at least until the health crisis caused by COVID-19 is resolved. The base ensures that, if everything had gone as it should, without quarantines or confinements, Los Angeles Lakers they would have won the ring to spare:

“You saw the Lakers play and they gave you a different feeling than the other teams. They were on a different mission. If it hadn’t been for the suspension, they would have won the 17th championship title in the franchise.”

About the level I was showing Lebron James This season Young has also given his opinion, and has done nothing but praise the figure of ‘The King’: “I have never seen anything like this in my life. It is the greatest thing I have ever seen. He was predestined to achieve his fourth ring of the NBA. “

With these words, what Trae Young means is that, if the season is postponed and with it the playoffs, some teams that seemed completely ruled out in the title fight (such as Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant or Philadelphia 76ers with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons) can be strengthened by recovering their injured stars.