Bring young and Luka Doncic coincided in the 2018 Draft of the NBA, and from there a healthy rivalry has grown between the two players, who have seen each other the faces for the first time in an All Star this season. In fact, their paths crossed from the first moment when the Atlanta Hawks decided to select the Slovenian and transfer him immediately to Dallas Mavericks to take Young’s services (pick # 5).

However, and despite the great rivalry formed, both players have managed to build a great friendship relationship based on the competitiveness of the two. Trae Young has recently spoken about Luka Doncic, in his mid-forties, and has done so positively, praising the Slovenian Mavs’ ability to take on any opponent.

“All his life he has played against veterans and I think that is precisely what has prepared him to become the player he currently is. His impact in the NBA has been immediate, some considered that he was not going to be able to succeed. But Doncic is a super-intelligent player, he is very special. He has everything to reach the top “.

In their first NBA season, Trae Young and Luka Doncic had a hotly contested fight for the Rookie of the Year award. Finally, the award went to the former Real Madrid player. Today, in just a season and a half in the league, the two have managed to establish themselves as stars of the competition.