Tractor truck collided with the separator of the bike lane on 13th Street, which had already been hit last week


In less than a week, Bogotá’s 13th Street has been the protagonist of two monumental traffic jams due to collisions of two trucks against the bike lane of the road.

The most recent crash was recorded on the afternoon of this Mars, November 17, at the height of Carrera 123, in the town of Fontibón, where the vehicle ended up trapped on the cement briefcases that separate the bike path from the road to the cars.

The incident did not leave fatalities or injuries, however, it affected the mobility of the runner.

According to the Ministry of Mobility, another problem is that there are already 20 cargo transport vehicles that are stranded on 13th Street, “accounting for its poor technical mechanical condition,” says the agency.

However, despite the traffic jams, bicycle users and pedestrians have celebrated that thanks to the implementation of the bicycle lane, the incidents have not threatened the lives of other road actors.

Even so, the mayor of the town of Fontibón, Julián Triana, stated: “These accidents are not new on Calle 13. The difference? Before the wheel was on the body of a cyclist ”.


However, the inhabitants of the sector assured that bicycle users continue to share those lanes with cars, putting their lives at risk, while for the District and the vehicles it was a necessary measure.

According to the Ministry of Mobility, 3,323 bicycle trips are registered on 13th Street during peak hours in the morning, 3,135 during peak hours at night, for a total of 6,458 trips per day.

Photo: Ministry of Mobility Photo: Ministry of Mobility

The last crash occurred in race 128 on the morning of Thursday, November 12. On that occasion, a truck hit the bike lane separator caused a monumental traffic jam that lasted several hours in the corridor.

The events occurred in the east-west direction, around 7:10 in the morning, when, according to the driver of the vehicle to the Traffic Police, he suffered a microsleep and left the road, taking five briefcases that separate the car lanes and the bicycle lanes.

“At the time the incident happened is when we have more cyclists in the 13th Street corridor. Thankfully we had the bi-lane separator because it was possible to avoid fatalities or injuries as a result of the micro-sleep that the tractor driver had. This shows the importance of the bike lanes that are being implemented because they are allowing us to save lives ”, stated the Ministry of Mobility in this regard.

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