They never imagined that such a delicious dish would contain the most media virus of the moment …

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Beijing.- In the Chinese city of Shenzhen, belonging to the southern province of Canton, they have found traces of coronavirus on samples from a batch of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil, local press reported today.

The local Center for Disease Prevention and Control ensures that it found the remains on the surface of a sample of that product, and that the nucleic acid tests that were carried out were positive, reports the Global Times newspaper.

Consequently, all related personnel who may have touched the product in question have also had to undergo tests, which so far have been negative, according to the information.

In addition, all batches of the contaminated product that had already been sold have been traced and confiscated by the authorities, the newspaper added.

The agency recommended that consumers be cautious when buying imported meat and seafood and take « precautions to reduce the risk of infection. »

It is not the first case of these characteristics, since on Wednesday in the Chinese city of Wuhu, belonging to the eastern province of Anhui, they found traces of coronavirus In the packaging of shrimp imported from Ecuador, while in a port city in the province of Shandong, also in the east of the country, remains were detected in the packaging of frozen fish.

On July 10, China suspended imports of frozen white shrimp from three Ecuadorian companies after finding traces of the virus in their packaging, the General Administration of Customs reported then.

That department said in a statement that the nucleic acid tests carried out on the packages of Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila, Empacreci and Edpacif were positive and that there was a risk that they would transmit the virus.

State television CCTV reported Tuesday that Wuhu’s restaurant had stored the contaminated packaging in a refrigerator since it was purchased and that all of the city’s stores with related merchandise had been sealed.