A few days ago, Cyril Hanouna, the host of TPMP, fired a guest from the set of Balance your post. He decided to go back on it

Libra fans your post were probably shocked when they discovered the latest show. Indeed, in the program hosted by Cyril Hanouna, a guest gave a nazi salute during a video sequence. It did not take less for the host of TPMP to fire the guest in question a few seconds after the gesture.

However, “Baba” did not immediately see what Patrick Beller was doing. It took someone from the public to question him for him to realize this.

By learning the truth, the moderator of TPMP then addressed his guest by letting him know: “This is unacceptable! we listened to you if it’s to do things like that on set you can leave the set. Goodbye thanks ! “

But a few hours ago the troublemaker of the PAF returned to this affair. Blame it on his columnist Francesca, who let him know that she had “loved” the way he had handled the situation.

Following this, the moderator of TPMP therefore agreed to come back to the affair has been causing a stir for a few days.

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna returns to the controversial slippage of a guest!

Cyril Hanouna returns to the “Nazi salute” in TPMP

Well, if “Baba” agreed to come back to this story, it is also because new images were available. Indeed, some fans probably did could not see the gesture in question. In fact, they could not say whether Cyril Hanouna was right to fire his guest or not.

But the host of TPMP made the right choice. As we could see in the many new images, Patrick Beller does indeed give a Nazi salute… Which makes it even more reprehensible.

On this subject, the troublemaker of the PAF let it be known: “there were many reactions following this sequence. I did not see him, luckily Andreas was there. We will show you the images that have not been broadcast ”.

Let’s hope that this kind of gesture no longer reappears on a TV set. Whether in TPMP or others …

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