TP-Link Archer AX20 Router | News | Market

Tp link just presented the new Archer AX20 (inside), a router with a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 system that manages to reach 1.8 Gbps speed and is equipped with 4 Gigabit ports.

Router TP-Link Archer AX20.

The high-power front module of the terminal has four high-gain antennas that allow the Wi-Fi signal intensity to be concentrated so that it reaches all the devices in the home.

Besides, his OFDMA system and its 4-core CPU, they manage to minimize latency. This translates into stronger, faster and seamless wireless connections to all devices, to be able to enjoy all kinds of online content with the best quality.

On the other hand, the most important novelty of the team is its technology Target Wake Time that allows a longer battery life of the devices connected to your network as it reduces their energy consumption.

Like other routers of the brand, the Archer AX20 comes equipped with technology OneMesh, to easily create a powerful and stable mesh network, with a single network name and smart whole-home roaming. In addition, it includes WPA3. Its price is € 99.00.

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