Toyota’s flying car is ready. Although many details remain to be clarified, it may mark part of the future of the brand.

He promised and has delivered. She said she would have it ready by 2020 and it has been so because Toyota’s flying car is already a reality.

Developed by the Japanese brand in collaboration with SkyDrive, Toyota’s flying car (or eVTOL as it is known in technological circles) has been created as a flying taxi and although the goal is for it to become operational in 2023, the first real flight tests they have been a success.

The Toyota Prius is the hybrid par excellence, with more than 20 years of marketing. And the great novelty of this update of its fourth generation is the incorporation of an all-wheel drive system, which we will see later. We put the Toyota Prius 125H AWD-i to the test.

Toyota’s flying car

With the video that we show you below, SkyDrive reveals that the Toyota eVTOL has proven that it can take off and land vertically without problems.

The commercial name of the project is SD-03 and the tests have been carried out at the Toyota Test Field in the City of Toyoya, just outside the Japanese town of Nagoya. As the sequence shows, for five minutes Toyota’s flying car has apparently hovered in the air without problems.

Flight tests conducted by Toyota show that the SD-03 can take off, land and turn without problems. Of what, at the moment, there is no official data is the speed it can reach or the autonomy.

Toyota’s flying car has four pairs of propellers and is just two meters high and four meters wide. Its dimensions make it the smallest eVTOL that has been developed to date; from Toyota they affirm that, to park, you need the space occupied by two vehicles.

Flying car … and electric

The mechanics of Toyota’s flying car are based on a total of eight electric motors placed one in each propeller. The arrangement of the engines responds to the desire of Toyota engineers for greater stability. It also provides security since in the event that one of the engines fails, the rest would allow the vehicle to continue operating.

After the first flight test, the Toyota SD-03 will continue to improve its performance. The ultimate goal is for it to be ready in 2023, although it is expected that throughout 2021 it will exceed the technical requirements established by Japanese law in order to start testing outside the closed circuit.

This article was published in Autobild by Noelia López.