Toy Story turns 25 and so social networks celebrate

If we talk about successful movie franchises, maybe Toy Story is a clear reference. Pixar’s production has been passed from generation to generation, leaving interesting sums for its owners at the box office, points of sale and licenses.

In this sense, the biggest reference could be what happened with the fourth installment of the saga, which after more than two decades of the premiere of the first tape of this animated film became a phenomenon at the box office.

This “universe” of toys that come to life has achieved important numbers throughout its existence, only its Toy Story 3 delivery achieved more than 1,482 million dollars at the worldwide box office.

In the same vein, Toy Story 4 on the weekend of its debut raised about 118 million dollars in theaters in the United States, while globally it exceeds the 238 million, according to data from Comscore; only in Mexico it raised more than 455.6 million pesos (about $ 23.74 million), according to Canacine.

Although the appeal of the film was much related to the nostalgia caused by the leading characters of this saga, the truth is that in this latest installment, Forky (a toy created based on a spoon and some pipe cleaners) is caught the attention of audiences.

From Disney’s point of view, this represents an important new business opportunity to grow its income away from the box office to exceed the $ 59.43 billion which it recorded as total revenue during 2018.

In fact, between April and June of last year, Disney sold about 80 thousand Forky toys in the United States for an approximate price of $ 20 each, according to data provided by USA Today.

With these prelude numbers, today Toy Story celebrates 25 years of its debut on the big screen and the commotion for this celebration has not been long in coming on social networks.

At the time of closing this note, the term “Toy Story” is among the first topics of conversation on social networks with a total of 4,093 tweets.

In this way, from the big studios to the users who grew up with the stories and adventures of these toys that come to life have taken time to remember the two and a half decades that this tape has been active on the market.