Tower South from Florida | Until the last stone is lifted there is still hope of life

June 25, 2021 June 25, 2021


This Friday Roberto Hernández, president of the Topos Rescue Brigade of Mexico in an interview for the program Aló Buenas Noches de Carla Angola, affirmed that in the case of the collapse of the Champlain Tower South Building in Florida, it still cannot be said that there are no more survivors , because the possibility that with the passing of the hours people will continue to be found cannot be ruled out.

“Rescuers and firefighters are always going to remove every last rubble to find trapped people (…) there is always the possibility of finding someone and hope must be maintained,” he explained.

According to his experience, Hernández assured that “although people are trapped by a limb or their entire body while their head is released, there is hope and this will allow them to be rescued.”

Hernández recalled that in the 1985 earthquake, the Mexican Topos brigade managed to rescue a woman after 13 days who had fallen into a closet.


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