Recently, you were still told about “The Trench”, the spin-off of Aquaman, with a tendency to horror film which is beginning to reveal itself. However, if the film with Jason Momoa was a great success on the side of the dark rooms, it is also the case of Wonder Woman. While the release of the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 has been postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic, the idea of ​​a spin-off is returning to the fore, as we already told you a few months ago .

Wonder Woman and the Amazons

Connie Nielsen, the actress who plays Hippolyte, the alleged mother of Wonder Woman and queen of Themyscira, revives the subject. She would like to resume her role in a spin-off of the main film which would focus only on the Amazons. We already know that she will be back in the sequel to Diana’s adventures, as will Chris Pine who plays captain Steve Trevor, despite the fact that he died in the first film.

Connie Nielsen has yet to go into details about this spin-off, only to say that she and the team “would really like to make” this film. Patty Jenkins had already discussed it directly with fans at the Comic Con Experience in Sao Paulo in late 2019. She explained that everything was planned. Yes, but there you go. Since that date, information has been very scarce, or even completely absent. Above all, the director explained that she wanted to take a break after Wonder Woman 1984. A waiting time is therefore expected before the return of the franchise. Unless it is not she who manages the project. A Wonder Woman 3 film is also planned to complete what is presented as a trilogy.

It remains to be seen where the spin-off could fit in from a time point of view. A return to ancient Greece and gods could have its charm, as this part of the story was touched on in the first episode.