Towards a postponement of the start of the tournament?

While the authorities in the state of Victoria may not allow the arrival of participants to the Australian Open in mid-December, the tournament organizers could be forced to postpone the start, disrupting the start of season calendar.

The contours of the 2021 edition of the Australian Open are still unclear and a postponement is not ruled out. While, very recently, the Australian daily Herald Sun put forward the idea that all the tournaments organized in Australia to prepare for the first Grand Slam round are centralized in Melbourne, the situation seems to have changed once again. While the state of Victoria appears to have defeated the coronavirus after strict confinement for four months in Melbourne and no case recorded in 19 days, an alert has been launched on the Adelaide side with a loophole in the quarantine applied to residents of a hotel which has caused a wave of contamination and rekindled fears of a new meteoric spread of the disease.

An uncertain situation which, according to the American Tennis Channel, pushes local authorities to refuse entry into the country of Open participants before the end of December. Arrivals in the last fifteen days of the month were scheduled to allow players to observe the fourteen-day quarantine period in a suitable setting before the start of the first tournaments in the first week of January.

The Australian Open towards a postponement of one to two weeks?

According to information from the BBC, the authorities of the State of Victoria would not be inclined to reverse such a decision but everything suggests that the entry into Australia of the players could take place from the end of December. Barring any adaptation measures, such a late arrival could force the organizers of the Australian Open to drastically review their plans with, in particular, the possibility of postponing the start of the Grand Slam tournament for a few weeks in order to leave participants time to prepare, but also to organize qualifying under the best possible conditions, which was not the case during the last US Open. Measures that could call into question the organization of the preparation tournaments.

However, if authorities allow players to train or even take part in tournaments during quarantine, which New York authorities eventually allowed, the Australian Open may not experience a schedule change. and the rest of the first part of the season would unfold without major change. There is still the possibility, like what Roland Garros had done, not to organize certain side tournaments to limit the number of entries in Australia.. Adjustments that the teams of Craig Tiley, president of Tennis Australia and director of the Australian Open, will have to make in the coming weeks.