It’s been over a year since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate went on sale for Nintendo Switch, and since then the title has continued to add new content and to create new events and turnors for a community that is more alive than ever. And speaking of tournaments, now the next of these competitions to take place And, the truth is that it will be a competition that will face those characters who made an appearance in the early 2000s. These fights will not leave anyone indifferent and will bring us very fierce duels!

Characters who fight with their fists and arms will be the main focus of the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.

As announced by the official Japanese Twitter account dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the next online tournament to be held will be related to those characters that have a fighting style based on using fists and arms. Thus, in this competition, only characters such as Min Min, Donkey Kong, Terry, Ryu, Incineroar or Little Mac can be used and players must demonstrate which of these contestants has the greatest potential to become champion. As for the dates, the tournament will start on Friday July 3 and, as usual, will last 3 days. No need to rest on your laurels to achieve the first position!

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And you, have you participated in any of the online tournaments that have been held so far in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and have shown which side is the best or are you one of those who prefer to focus on offline game modes and this of the tournaments is not something that goes a lot with them? Be that as it may, there are many ways to enjoy this title!