Tourist Pass: If your car is older than this model, you cannot circulate in CDMX

MEXICO CITY.- If you are thinking of coming by car to Mexico City on vacation you must process the Tourist Pass for circulate through its streets.

But, be careful! the Government of Mexico City recalls that the Tourist pass It is granted only to private foreign vehicles that use gasoline or gas, from the models 2008 and up to 2022.

When processing the Tourist Pass, foreign or foreign vehicles are exempt from the program Today does not circulate.

What is needed to obtain the Tourist Pass?

An email account. Vehicle registration card to circulate. Have a 2008 to 2022 model vehicle.

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Steps to process the Tourist Pass:

Enter this website and click on ‘Register’. Provide an email (preferably the owner of the vehicle). Enter the access link sent to the registered email. Fill the registry with personal data so that a password is thrown. With the email and password enter the system. To the enter the portal, It is necessary to register the access code, the registered email and the password.

The page will generate the Tourist Pass for 7 or 14 days, as required and the date must be selected, starting from the first day that the vehicle will circulate through a municipality in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico. You can also process one for three days, but it is only for long bridges.

The system will generate two tourist passes, one for Mexico City and the other for the State of Mexico.

Clever! From this moment you can print the Tourist Pass.

What you need to know about the Tourist Pass.

The three-day option will be granted only on long and official bridges authorized by the General Directorate of Air Quality and Management. It can only be obtained once per semester with a validity of 14 days or twice per semester with a validity of 7 days each. If the vehicle data, referring to the year, model, plate or reference state do not coincide with the Tourist Pass, it will not be valid and the vehicle will be sanctioned. The Tourist Pass is not valid in case of Environmental Contingency.

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What vehicles cannot generate the Tourist Pass?

Vehicles with plates of Mexico City and the State of Mexico. Business, government, school or foundation vehicles. Vehicles without license plate (with ‘Circulation Permit’).

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