When we talk about tourism, the first thing that comes to mind from the point of view of the stock market is the blow that IAG shares have been paid. Neither more nor less than 70.36 percent since the beginning of the year and therefore it is very far from the rest of the values ​​related to tourism.

However, IAG is not the only listed one related to tourism on the Spanish stock market. We also have other companies with tourism such as Edreams, which monopolizes the second worst performance in the sector with a negative profitability of 57.66 percent since the beginning of the year or Meliá Hotels 55.78 percent.

These three companies are the most penalized by investors by far The rest of the sector, and precisely in today’s session we have them with significant increases that exceed 20 percent in the case of Meliá, almost 18 percent in the case of Edreams and almost 10 percent in the case of IAG .

Then we have the actions of Amadeus As the fourth tourism-related company for the worst performance so far this year. Specifically, 39.47 percent of its value has been left on the stock market since the beginning of the year, although today it is rising 4.6 percent.

And we are left with two more companies: NH Hotels with an annual revaluation of 34.54 percent negative, which reduces part of them by rising in the session by 21.52 percent, with the continuous market value rising the most in the session.

And finally we come to Aena, with annual losses in its price since the beginning of the year of 31.91 percent, which are mitigated by today’s 5 percent rise.

Evolution of the tourism sector on the stock exchange
                    Eduardo Bolinches

As we can see in the previous graph, we have companies that have set new lows in April or May and companies that comfortably stay above the lows for the month of March. However, it is interesting to see that today’s reaction is a step forward in investor confidence for the prompt exit from the tunnel and the apparent use of the summer season.

So we will have to be aware of maximum seen after the falls of the month of March to see if this confidence goes to more. These levels are 128.50 euros for Aena, 51.62 for Amadeus, 2.42 for Edreams, 2.99 for IAG, 4.23 for NH Hoteles and 4.80 euros for Meliá.

Thus, this week is crucial to see if we exceed those levels or on the contrary the important increases that we are seeing in today’s session with very high volumes are nothing.