Tour de France 2020 :

The 17th stage of the Tour de France 2020, drawn between Grenoble and Méribel, will offer the peloton two terrible climbs with first the Col de la Madeleine then the Col de la Loze, roof of the Tour and scarecrow of this 107th edition.

We will cross our fingers so that the riders do not leave all their strength on Tuesday in a course strewn with several unequal difficulties between La Tour-du-Pin and Villard-de-Lans. Because this Wednesday, the Tour de France will offer runners the purest in terms of mountain stages. For bicycle tightrope walkers, like the Slovenes Primoz Roglic or Tadej Pogacar, it will pull. For others, ordinary people, it is like another day of suffering where the legs will burn. You only have to listen to the testimonies of the peloton, with the winner of the 2019 Tour Egan Bernal in the lead, to know how difficult this edition is. Unfortunately for the runners, this 17th stage between Grenoble and Méribel, with the finish line drawn at the top of the Col de la Loze, promises to be difficult at best, at worst eliminatory. It is not impossible that the complete peloton at the start of the Prefecture of Isère will no longer be so at the finish, at an altitude of more than 2,300 m. Up to kilometer 88, no difficulty is to report, only an intermediate sprint in La Rochette will be used as animation at the start of the day. It is then that the time will come for an explanation between the leaders of the Tour.

“The favorites have no idea what will await them”

Hardly out of the town of La Chambre that the peloton will survey the historic Col de la Madeleine (Hors Category, 17.1 km at 8.4%) and its 26 passages since its first appearance on the Tour route. Imposing, majestic, this ascent will be exceptionally approached by a new, unprecedented and wilder route. It will first be a question of observing the state of form of each one because the hardest part will not be over yet. The final climb to Méribel promises to be terrible for the organizations, even worse for those whose passage of the Col de la Madeleine will have already been complicated. Up there, at the top of the Col de la Loze (Hors Category, 21.5 km at 7.8%), the roof of the Tour (2304 m) whose slopes are irregular with sudden breaks, you will have to hang on, hope or even pray. “The favorites have no idea what will await them,” slips Tour director Christian Prudhomme about this unprecedented final climb. Will certain sections where the slope will exceed 20% overcome the runners? Will they ruin the hopes of the challengers or will they restart the race for the yellow jersey? All questions will undoubtedly be answered this Wednesday between 5:05 p.m. and 5:35 p.m.