Tour de France 2020 : Present this Wednesday on the Tour de France, Emmanuel Macron visibly enjoyed the show. At the top of the Loze pass, the Colombian Miguel Angel Lopez (Astana) won. On arrival, the President of the Republic was delighted with this 17th stage, which he therefore attended, at the microphone of France Télévisions: “It was a superb stage. With an attack from the start, therefore, in addition, a lively stage, with a lot of courage, by a breakaway that held almost until the end. And I have to say the final climb and the last wall are very impressive. And I would rather be in a car than on a bicycle. ”

Macron: “There was extraordinary work”

During his interview, the manager also wanted to explain why it was important for the Grande Boucle to be able to take place in such a context: “It was extremely important, in the context that we know, to show, as we have. said several times with the government, that we have to live with the virus. That is to say, we know that the virus is there, that it is spinning, it is spinning faster and faster in certain departments. This leads the government, moreover, to sometimes take the necessary measures and tighten up, restrict the rules a little. It is necessary to protect ourselves, in particular to protect the most vulnerable and the oldest. But, for months, the virus will be there. It will circulate everywhere in Europe, and in particular in France. So, we must have good health organization. But living with the virus means that whatever you can do with good rules, you have to try to stick to it in order to continue living. And really, I mean, the organizers of the Tour de France have been exemplary in this area, and with them all the riders. Organizers of the Tour de France, riders … Local authorities, which have been crossed with their services, the services of the State … There has been extraordinary work so that, first, there are regular tests, so that there is this “bubble” which protects and so that the teams, the riders are accompanied and that there is absolutely, if I may say so, no risk for everyone. “

Macron: “With masks, there is a certain discipline”

Finally, Emmanuel Macron was satisfied with the spectators: “We saw that there was a public and I, I saw throughout this stage, the public who were there with masks, who held on to the maximum. barrier gestures. There is obviously enthusiasm. But with masks there is a certain discipline. And so, I really want to salute the exemplary organization of this Tour, which has shown that when we get involved, when we are professional and when everyone takes their share of constraints, we can do things. So we have to be binding on other events, you have seen it. We put constraints on Roland-Garros, on the number of the public. We put it on the gauges, as they say, of the public in the stadiums. But this Tour de France could be held, it is in the process of being held, in good conditions, because we have been able to organize ourselves collectively and in particular all the sports teams and the organizers of the Tour. “