Tour de France 2020 : For the first time since 2012, Romain Bardet watches the Tour de France on television. The 29-year-old rider was forced to retire five days ago, after the arrival of the 13th stage at Puy Mary, which he was able to complete despite a concussion. “My health is progressing well. I had a few really tough days after the crash but it’s going in the right direction now. I’m starting to regain my vitality and desire, watching the Tour de France too, ”explained the AG2R-La Mondiale rider in an interview with France Télévisions. The best climber of the 2019 edition then recounted his terrible day last Friday: “The fall was quite violent, especially since there was no particular danger. We were in a descent at 60km / h. We found ourselves on the ground together, after a careless mistake by a runner. The shock was violent. My head hit the ground hard, that’s why I had this damage. But it is a fall as it often happens in the peloton. We were at the 13th stage, we had had a very good Tour so far, it was the finish that was most important to me on this Grande Boucle.. As an athlete, the first thing that comes to mind is getting back on the bike, trying to limit the damage.. I knew every meter of this stage up to Puy Mary, I was eagerly awaited, I had all my supporters all along the road. I could see myself trying to climb up the rankings again on this stage, and all of a sudden the house of cards collapsed. The only imperative, at time T, is to get back on your machine and do the stage as if nothing had happened. ”

Bardet: “We’ll have to get up to get back to the front of the stage”

But after the arrival, it was necessary to face the facts, the abandonment was inevitable: “To give up, it is something which I had difficulty to make myself at the beginning, but the doctors were quickly. unequivocal in their judgment, said Bardet. I quickly had nausea, headaches, dizziness after arrival. I had to stay lying in the dark to feel really good. Under these conditions, it was absolutely impossible to leave the next day. “Back to a very good level, Bardet will now have to get back in shape:” We have to lay the foundations for a new reconstruction, start from scratch, accept a forced rest period. We will have to get up from it to return to the front of the stage, ”he admits. Will he have time to wear the AG2R-La Mondiale jersey again before the end of the season, in a month and a half? The future Sunweb runner does not yet know.