Tottenham refuse to lose Dele Alli

He Tottenham is not for the work of letting out Dele there. As much as English is going to force the situation with their Instagram posts, and although it does not count almost for Jose MourinhoIt seems that the attitude of Londoners is more than defined.

He Paris saint germain I was behind Dele there already in summer, something that has been accentuated since the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino, who gave him the opportunity in the first team ‘spur’ and managed it for seasons, but he will have to forget.

The risk of injury in a season full of matches has changed his mind to Tottenham, who does not want to be left with a short staff if he lets Dele out There, more after the injury of Giovanni Lo Celso, it goes down until the end of January, according to the Daily Mail. Daniel Levy does not want to take any risks and, although he is aware of Alli’s frustration, he is almost separated by Mourinho, the idea is to continue.

The playmaker, third option for the Portuguese in that position behind Ndombelé and Celso, has started only in five games, accumulating only 239 minutes on the grass between all competitions. A relevance, that of the English, who has gone less season by season, as his performance, to the point of being expendable in the eleven.