Total ignorance, this is how the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos describe the situation regarding the future that the municipality will face with the so-called “new normality”

Inhabitants of Puerto Morelos They indicated that they do not know what measures the municipal president, Laura Fernández Piña, will apply, based on the “new normality” that the country will experience regarding the contingency due to COVID-19.

They stressed that, faithful to her custom, the Mayor continues without informing about the actions that will be implemented to achieve economic recovery.

Municipality of hope?

Miguel Pech Pech, stated that he is aware that from May 18 many municipalities in the country will be able to restart economic activities, but he does not know if this will be the situation in Puerto Morelos.

Laura (Fernández) is “disappeared”, she has been her characteristic during the emergency and we do not know what we are going to do, she said.

From their point of view, it could be premature to restart activities in Puerto Morelos, but the reality is that they do not know how the City Council will act because the President (Municipal) does not inform the citizens of anything, he indicated.

For his part, Gabriel Parra Mendoza, said that the Portomorelenses do not know if they are part of the “new normal” that has been announced at the national level, because Laura Fernández and her team of collaborators do not inform citizens.

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We want to return to normality, but we do not know if we will be able to do it starting on Monday, because, as the song “Laura is not there”, he said.

The citizens indicated that they are unaware of the measures that the Laura Fernández administration will implement to reactivate the economy, but they hope that they will be announced shortly.

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