Total disbelief with the image that the Civil Guard has shared on Twitter: take a good look

A Civil Guard takes a photo of the back of a car. (Photo: TWITTER CIVIL GUARD)

The Civil Guard Twitter account has left many users of the social network speechless by sharing a strange image.

La Benemérita has told the bizarre story that a driver has set up to be able to use the HOV lane and thus enter Madrid avoiding queues and traffic jams.

How did you do it? Well, carrying a mannequin in the back of his car pretending to be a person.

“A driver carrying a dummy was intercepted to be able to use the high occupancy bus HOV lane at its entrance to #Madrid. The agents #AgrupacionTrafico suspected the excessive rigidity shown by the “occupant” of the back seat who did not say “no peep” when asked, “the author of the tweet has jokingly written.

The publication has not been able to succeed any more and, in addition to the disbelief it has left in the tweeters, it has caused hundreds of response messages, more than 2,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of shares.

And in the answers there is everything. In fact, some joke about the photo has almost had more impact than the original.

“Release Aitana”, a user has said about the similarity of the mannequin with the singer of OT 2017 Aitana Ocaña.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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