It is with a heavy heart that Cristiana Reali spoke Friday September 11, 2020 on Instagram. Indeed, at just 17 years old, her daughter Tuscany has decided to leave the family nest to continue his studies at the prestigious British university UCL (University College London). “I am both sad because I miss her already but also super happy for her and proud“, wrote the actress in the caption of a photo of her offspring. Francis Huster, the father of her daughters with whom she lived for 17 years, never hid it: Elena and Toscane shine in all areas. an interview with France Dimanche published on July 30, 2020, the actor said he was “completely madly in love” with his offspring. “My daughters are the treasure of my life, he added. And they are very beautiful… but that is thanks to their mother! “

Internet users amazed by the beauty of Toscane Huster

An opinion that seems shared by many Internet users on the networks. Indeed, if Cristiana Reali was looking for support on the Web by posting this snapshot of her daughter, she surely did not expect him to make so much of the buzz. Because fans of the actress were literally blown away by the beauty of Tuscany. As proof, in 24 hours, the image generated more than 1,450 likes. “Magnificent”, or “As beautiful as her mother”, we can read in the comments. This should put a little balm in the heart to the beautiful Brazilian, who says she is already ready to join her youngest as soon as she invites him. “Chuis super available for all the evenings, fun and others …”, she said to her teenager. For the time being, Tuscany has not yet followed up on the pole stretched out by her mother. It will come…!

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