Marc Gasol He has attended several Spanish media outlets from Florida and has wanted to talk, first of all, about sports. Beyond the Orlando bubble, fear of the coronavirus, Marc is excited to try to revalidate the title of NBA champion that he won last season with his teammates. Toronto Raptors:

« Winning again is what moves us to compete. We will go to death for the ring. What we have seen the Baskonia players feel after winning the ACB is something that goes beyond sport. Our mental strength is very great, We have no excuses, we have confidence and we think we can win. « 

About his physical change, which went around the world when he published the photo, he commented the following:

« After a past season that was prolonged by luck and a summer also busy winning the World Cup, I did not have time, to which you add that during the NBA season he had problems in the ischium. It was the ideal time to work. Since They informed us of the situation that was going to take a long time. We started working, we designed a plan. « 

On the return of the NBA and the racial problems in the United States, things are very clear:

« We all took the step of playing, the ways and everything we accept has evolved, like the stage. If the Raptors had known that the cases in Florida would increase so we would not be here. You have to adapt. The players are all on play, as far as the health issue is concerned. The issue of racial justice we all understood that the best way to use our platform is to play. We can use our speaker in a positive way for change. «