The Blue Jays of baseball, Raptors Basketball, Maple hockey and the Toronto FC of soccer will not be able to carry out any encounter encounter in Torontor, at least until June 30, as part of the measures that the city adopted this day against the coronavirus.

Although none of the sports competitions have a safe date to start or restart, they did have a forecast to play in May-June, something that will not happen at least in Toronto.

Toronto Mayor John Tory announced the cancellation of all city-led events through the June 30th.

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The cancellation includes the Pride Toronto festival, which was scheduled for June 26 and 28. And city services, like schools.

The Raptors They are perhaps the team that would have the most damage since they are the current champions of the NBA and they are in the second position of the Eastern Conference.

Toronto’s move could be taken by other cities, leading to teams either playing behind closed doors or having to relocate to neutral venues.