The tornado caused extensive damage to the store and some people were slightly injured

AP –

A twister heavily damaged a store and other structures in northern Mississippi, in the limits with Alabama, at a time when a strong storm front crossed the south of U.Sauthorities reported.

Teresa Hazelwood was driving when she stopped at the Dollar General store in Tishomingo, northern Mississippi. When he was still in the parking lot, he felt the twister he was raising his car. He took hold of the wheel and prayed. “I just started praying, ‘Help me God,'” Hazelwood said, recounting what he went through on Tuesday.

“Things were flying through the air and I felt my car move, to the point of getting up a little and moving from where I had parked and I was still praying,” he added.

The twister caused damage large in the store and some people were slightly injured, local police chief Mike Kemp told the WTVA television.

There were reports of downed trees and damaged structures in Tishomingo, reported Mike Johnson of the National Weather Service. He specified that the twister it made land at about 5:30 pm on Tuesday.

“It is a fairly compact system that spawned a twister who scrolled by Alabama and Tennessee, “said the expert.

The National Weather Service issued several warnings Tuesday, including one “tornado emergency” for the area northwest of Alabama.

Alerts were also issued for Huntsville and Colbert counties in northern Alabama and there were reports of fallen debris in the area.

Authorities also called for caution in areas of Georgia and Tennessee because the storm moved to that area.