Topless, Kendall Jenner poses once again Exquisite!

Topless, Kendall Jenner poses once again Exquisite! (Reform)

Topless, Kendall Jenner poses once again Exquisite! | Reform

There is no doubt that the top model Kendall jenner and Calvin Klein form the perfect dumbbell, because I squander my sensuality to the fullest on social media by sharing one of their collaborations looking more beautiful than ever.

The brand and the international model Every time they join, they create magic and quickly become a trend on social networks and one of the minors of the Kardashian clan is on the lips of all Internet users.

This is how all her poses, her style on the catwalks and gestures in photographs that she shares with her friends, have been around the world.

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And it is that Kendall has more than 152 million followers only on her Instagram account and her sensuality and great style are the perfect ingredient for all firms to want to collaborate with her.

This photograph of Kendall with very little clothes is nothing more and nothing less than part of an advertising campaign for Calvin Klein, made by photographer Mikael Jansson in 2015 during the month of July.

And in the photograph that Jenner herself shared on her social network, we can see her with nothing more than a pair of sexy Calvin Klein panties.

Little tease at the new #ad @CalvinKlein underwear #MyCalvins, “the model wrote in the post.


It should be mentioned that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is no stranger to the s3nsual clothing brand, since it is also the image of several of its connections.

But in effect, that was Kendall’s first underwear campaign for CK, joining a select list of hot personalities like Mark Wahlberg, Kate Moss, Eva Mendes, Justin Bieber, and more.

This is how the model Kendall Jenner revolutionized social networks with the publication on Instagram of two photographs taken from her session for the prestigious Calvin Klein brand.

As expected, this publication caused a great impression among its millions of fans and so far it has more than a million likes and endless comments from its followers.

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There is no doubt that the sister of Kim kardashian She has become a leader of the new generation and especially in social networks like Instagram.

At just 25 years old, she has managed to walk on the most sought-after catwalks in the fashion industry, such as Marc Jacobs in New York or for Chanel in Paris.

In addition, away from the spotlight of the reality show that catapulted her family as one of the most media clans in the United States, Kendall is the richest of her sisters and the most searched model in Google in the world.

Kendall Jenner presents her brand of tequ1la

As you may know, supermodel Kendall Jenner has set social networks on fire by presenting 818, the brand of tequila that she has produced in Jalisco from anonymity.

For almost 4 years I have been on a journey to create the best tasting tequila ”, he has communicated to his more than 152 million followers on Instagram.

Jenner has explained that to build this project he was in dozens of blind tastings, traveled to the distillery on the Mexican coast and participated in world tasting competitions without revealing his name, winning some awards in 2020.

However, Internet users accuse her of appropriating Mexican culture with a much more expensive tequila than the traditional ones produced in Mexico.

In fact, many people point out that the photos Jenner shared shows her drinking tequ1la with ice instead of just as Mexicans traditionally do.