Modern basketball has imposed triple as an inherent necessity for victory, as a habit that cannot be renounced in NBA The physical improvement of all the players makes the area an impregnable site, which together with the fact that, regardless of height and position, the vast majority of professionals have the possibility of shooting from outside the perimeter. The game opens and with it increases the gross number of scored triples, although not so much the percentage of them. Stephen Curry and James Harden They are among the best and have signs of being able to climb positions.

If a few weeks ago we analyzed which players had the greatest efficiency power from the three-point line, now it is worthwhile to unravel the statistics of those who have scored the most triples in the entire history of the NBA. There are surprises, although it cannot be considered as such that active players abound among the best. It is the sign of the times. Not only is there a presence of great league stars, but there is also a place for accomplished specialists, such as Kyle korver, bench players among which stands out Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry, and even a base that was not characterized precisely by its great launch, as Jason Kidd.

04/08/2020 06:04

We review the players who have performed best shooting from beyond the three-point line throughout the history of the league

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The longevity of the Nets franchise player for many years is really striking, surpassing names such as triples Dirk Nowitzki, JJ Reddick or Klay Thompson. Precisely that of the Warriors seems to be a candidate to rise in the next and deserves a mention for its remarkable effectiveness, scoring 2.9 triples per game, only surpassed by his teammate Stephen Curry, with a record of 3.6 that allows him to be in third place, only behind two legends like Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. It is not so surprising the absence of two of the best in history, as Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, since a significant part of your scoring flow comes from the innings to baskets. These are the top ten triple scorers in the history of the NBA:

Ray allen: 2560 triples

Reggie Miller: 2560 triples

Stephen Curry: 2495 triples

Kyle korver: 2437 triples

James Harden: 2296 triples

Vince Carter: 2290 triples

Jason Terry: 2282 triples

Jamal Crawford: 2220 triples

Paul Pierce: 2143 triples

Jason Kidd: 1988 triple