Top Rank will not yet terminate the contract of Félix Verdejo, Puerto Rican fighter accused of murder

Bob Arum, founder of the promotion, said he will await the jury’s resolution.

Photo: Sarah Stier / Getty Images

Bob arum, promoter and president of the boxing company Top Rank, stated in an interview with El Nuevo Día that his promotion will not break the contract with Félix Verdejo, Puerto Rican boxer who was accused of robbery, kidnapping and murder by the FBI, and that he is in custody.

What happened was a tragedy. As for who is responsible, that will be determined in court, not a promoterArum commented. Therefore, the Top Rank company will keep you in their ranks until the jury decides a sentence. Nevertheless, they did remove their image from the company’s website and their promotional materials were taken off the market.

‘El Diamante’ Verdejo signed with Top Rank in 2012. He was Puerto Rican boxing’s greatest promise. But if effect is found guilty, not only will his career be over, but perhaps his life as well. He could be sentenced to death for the charges against him. Félix Verdejo is being held without bail in Puerto Rico. If you want to read the full story, click on this link.