Top 8 Netflix Bios, Movie Lives! (or series)

Do you know them ample. You do not know details of their lives, but you feel like they have been around for many years. We talk about important actors of cinema, members of the royalty, athletes of success or singers of success. We want teach you, both in documentaries and fiction titles, how it was his life, at least the part that he has let us show, and what it meant to live under his name. We warn you that this content will hook you, much like these addictive Netflix series that we recommend recently.

Jim and Andy offers us the lesser known side of the American actor.

Whether you are hallucinating privileged mind of some of the following protagonists, that you want to know how were the first steps of some of these stars or that you want to enter the hidden side of some of these characters, our series list, available on Netflix, it will be essential.

We bring you the stars that you did not know you wanted to know

Whether you are a big computer buff, you should give Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates a try, as if you are dazzled by the princesses lives, you can meet Lady Di in The Story of Diana, we have your sauce ration on Netflix.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates Michael Jackson’s This Is It The Theory of Everything The Story of Diana Gaga: Five Foot Two Pelé Jim and Andy Luis Miguel: The Series

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Little presentation needs one of the modern computer geniuses, Bill Gates, but I am convinced, no matter how much fan you are of his work, that many of the phrases, happenings and happenings that are explained in this miniseries, you did not have them present. This work of Netflix shows us how amazing it is that a person, always well surrounded, have been able get over the years, no longer only in the field of technology, but with their companies and foundations.

Year: 2019 Seasons: 1 Episodes available: 3 Approximate duration: 50 minutes Watch Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates on Netflix

Michael Jackson’s This Is It

One of the greater talents than humanity has been able to hear in the field of music, Michael Jackson, offers us one of his latest audiovisual titles, which was released after his tragic death, Many years ago. In this production, we will follow the steps, of black shoes and white socks, of the King of Pop in preparing your 50 concert tour, scheduled before your death, and we will have the opportunity to discover him behind the scenes.

Year: 2009 Genre: documentary Approximate duration: 111 minutes See Michael Jackson’s This Is It on Netflix

The theory of everything

Although we are facing a work of fiction, there are several documentaries about the figure of Stephen Hawking, we believe that the work done by Eddie redmayne Y Felicity Jones It deserves to enter our list through the front door. Upon entering the university of Cambridge, we will follow the life of one of the most important physicists of recent decades, both in love issues, in their relationship with their coworkers and, of course, in your fight a disease that would end up beating him on the physical terrain.

Year: 2014 Genre: drama Approximate duration: 123 minutes See The Theory of Everything on Netflix

The Story of Diana

The character of Diana of Wales, one of the best known princesses on the world scene, always had the controversy face, both for his relationship with the British royal family as for your tragic death, more than 20 years ago. In this biographical documentary, available in Netflix, in a couple of episodes, we will discover unpublished interviews with members of his family, including his brother, and how they media they collaborated for erase the smile from his sad and unforgettable face.

Year: 2017 Seasons: 1 Episodes available: 2 Approximate duration: 80 minutes Watch The Story of Diana on Netflix

Gaga: Five Foot Two

We went from Lady Di to Lady Gaga In a blink of an eye. On this occasion, this Netflix documentary will open a small door to the intense life of the multifaceted artist North American. Although his life may seem like a magical fable, we can verify the battles, physical and emotional, what pound the singer, as well as knowing how she prepares for an event as important as the performance in the famous Super bowl or how does he deal with release of a new album.

Year: 2017 Genre: biography Approximate duration: 100 minutes See Gaga: Five Foot Two on Netflix


If we talk about famous characters, many and many of you will come to mind a multitude of successful athletes, being the football players the greatest exponents of his lineage, in many countries of the world. The adoration that is professed to Pele on Brazil, his native country, is the starting point of a biographical film about the figure of the star on the ball, where we can see how the South American nation lived turbulent times, appeased by the noise of the goals of this sports legend.

Year: 2021 Genre: biography Approximate duration: 108 minutes Watch Pelé on Netflix

Jim and Andy

What Jim Carrey has as many followers as detractors it is as true as that after the night comes a new day. The scandalous performance of the Canadian actor in Man on the moon, playing the role of his comic hero Andy Kaufman, it was only the tip of the iceberg that life changed of the strident media character. Consumed by a paper that could barely be distinguished from the person, even off-camera, Jim will tell us what this movie meant for his career and his later life.

Year: 2017 Genre: biography Approximate duration: 93 minutes Watch Jim and Andy on Netflix

Luis Miguel: The series

To end this list of recommendations in style, and how wink to all our readers across the pond, we wanted you to delve into the obviously fictionalized life of one of the most successful singers in the history of Latin music, Luis Miguel. Since 1981, when his first performance, this singer will show you what happens behind the scenes, including a stormy relationship with his father, which was deteriorating at times.

Year: 2018 Seasons: 2 Episodes available: 21 Approximate duration: 50 minutes Watch Luis Miguel: The series on Netflix Netflix Netflix secret codes
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