Scenery from WWE Wrestlemania

What have been the top five scenes from WWE Wrestlemania? | The great event of WWE has always been characterized by its scenery. What has been the best in history?

5. Wrestlemania 19: Seattle, washington

At the height of Ruthless Aggression, the wonderful T-Mobile Park served as home to the 19th edition of Wrestlemania. This time the eyes were not only focused on the fantastic card. With the scenery presented at this event, WWE began to demonstrate that the greatness of his show was not only found in his struggles. With huge vertical triangular signs and an entrance ramp that required a turn before entering the ring, the show show took advantage of every corner in the peculiar Baseball stadium. A good way to start the top, and that accounts for how Wrestlemania would start to be more and more spectacular.

4. Wrestlemania 26: Phoenix, Arizona

With an impregnable form of fortress, the Wrestlemania 26 stage reached the city of Phoenix to leave a good taste in the fans’ mouths. The State Farm Stadium put in a huge structure that progressively stacked rectangular blocks until ending in a pyramid-shaped summit. The entrances of fighters like Edge or Shawn Michaels looked spectacular accompanied by light shows, pyrotechnics and a cylinder-shaped screen that was suspended above the ring. Excellent decoration that places this edition as one of the best visually.

3. Wrestlemania 24: Orlando, Florida

Camping World Stadium did its best to make Wrestlemania 24 one of the best in history. Unlike the previous stand, this Orlando stadium with capacity for more than 70,000 spectators, has the advantage of being a completely open venue. Throughout the event, fans could see how dusk perfectly adorned the amazing building that served as scenery for the event, the huge palm trees on the sides and the huge tent built above the ring did the rest.

2. Wrestlemania 29: East Rutheford, New Jersey

In 2013 Wrestlemania landed in New Jersey ready to make its mark. For the WWE occasion, I perfectly honor the region where the event was held. The Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge recreations formed a splendid entrance ramp that won the admiration of all the fans who attended MetLife Stadium. But the icing on the cake was put by the grandiose statue of liberty that WWE built for the occasion. Placed above the ring, it looked like a majestic and imposing detail in each of the aerial shots of the event. Wrestlemania 29 wins the silver medal for being an ode to wrestling and a city with as much history as New York.

The best of WWE Wrestlemania stage sets

1.Wrestlemania 33: Orlando, Florida

How could it be otherwise Orlando returns to stay with the first place. If it seemed like a difficult task to overcome, I did it in 2008. Wrestlemania fulfilled that task with flying colors. In issue number 33, the huge building was replaced by a formidable structure. WWE threw the house out the window and built a colossal set design. A large number of rectangular panels accompanied a gigantic globe containing the logo of the event. To make matters worse, a roller coaster at the back of the stage completed what was undoubtedly an evening that became an authentic theme park for wrestling in Orlando.

Undoubtedly the best scenery in the history of the showcase of the immortals, and a setting that will hardly be surpassed in the coming years.

Which of the WWE Wrestlemania sets did you like the most?

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