Top 5 horror series and movies to watch on Netflix

Top 5 horror series and movies to watch on Netflix (Instagram)

Top 5 horror series and movies to watch on Netflix | Instagram

This time we will let you know the best films Y series to enjoy on the screen of Netflix in the genre of terror and suspense, ideal to enjoy this quiet Sunday either accompanied or alone, as they are perfect to hang out.

We are still in quarantine and in Show News we continue to accompany you with new recommendations from the different streaming platforms.

And this time we bring you a top 5 movies and series so that you can see accompanied and with the light on, because they will surely get you more than a jump.

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Today we chose the five best films and series of t3rror and fright for you to enjoy on the Netflix screen.

3 films and 2 series were chosen so that you can watch during quarantine or in your spare time, however, we warn you from this moment that some of them are very disturbing and then it will cost you until you sleep at night.

With nothing more to add and preambles we present you the Top 5 t3rror series and movies:


The Conjuring 1 and 2

It is based on a true story and tells the story of a family living on a farm in New England.

When they begin to suffer paranormal events, they hire experts Ed and Lorraine Warren.

On Netflix you can see the first 2 films of the “The Conjuring” trilogy and an even larger saga made up of films such as “Annabelle” and “The Nun”.



This is a Netflix original movie and tells the story of a homeless man who travels to an island to rescue his missing sister.

However, when he gets there he will come across a religious cult that will put his own life in danger.


The silence

It’s another Netflix original movie and is inspired by the idea of ​​”A quiet place.”

A young woman and her family must escape from strange creatures that hunt through sound.

However, in the middle of their journey they will come across a mysterious cult that appears to be their salvation, but could also be more dangerous than the terror that haunts them.



A horror novel writer is stalked by the character she created herself, the witch Marianne.

As the episodes go by, new secrets are revealed that relate the life of the writer to the characters in her books.


The Haunting of Hill House

Five siblings must get together again after a long time without seeing each other to remember the terrors they lived in the house where they were raised and where their mother lost her life.

What seemed to be in the past comes back to haunt them to relive their worst fears.