Danna García battles the Coronavirus

On days like these in which we are all at home most of the time, the different social platforms have unleashed even more fury among people and celebrities do not escape this, coming to share not only their exercise routines to maintain their figures – in many cases enviable – but also what they do to distract themselves in their spare time, conversations with other celebrities, and even some scoop. Social media is the most direct way to connect celebrities with their fans!

That is why today we are going to bring you the Top 5 of celebrity videos that you should see today May 31, 2020.

1. The return of the pop princess

Britney Spears He returned to the first places on the music charts with this song that although it is not “new”, (dates from 2016), he formally presented it to us just hours ago and has already climbed to the first places, it is called Mood Ring, and is a real guilty pleasure for pop lovers.

2. Danna García is reunited with her son

The Colombian star Danna GarciaShe was reunited with her son after almost two months apart while she was battling the Coronavirus. The dramatic actress was infected in Spain and since then her story has been worthy of one of the many novels she has starred in. What a joy to see her back with her son!

3. Chiquis Rivera is sincere

In presenting their new album titled Playlist, Chiquis Rivera She assured that she is very upset with the media, that instead of engaging in her effort to premiere this work that ensures “It comes with everything”, they bring up her personal situations, and ensure that she uses them to promote herself.

4. Maribel Guardia celebrates her birthday with a very special serenade

Actress and singer Maribel Guardia, celebrated her birthday surrounded by her children and grandson, with a special serenade of her son with the now legendary idol of Mexican music Joan Sebastian, Julián Figueroa. The voice inherited it from family!

5. Fabián Ríos shares another adorable video with his son

Soap opera actor Fabián Ríos He shared this adorable video with his son, showing a special moment with the message. “Thank God for the lives of our children and theirs, if we bring them into the world it is to take care of them, to love them and in this quarantine to respect them so that when they leave they always want to go home.”

You know, these are the videos of celebrities that cannot be missed, today May 31, 2020.