Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin performs during the Movimiento Tour show at the Antel Arena, in Montevideo, on March 2, 2020. (Photo by PABLO PORCIUNCULA / .) (Photo by PABLO PORCIUNCULA / . via .)

On days like these in which we are all at home most of the time, the different social platforms have unleashed even more fury among people and celebrities do not escape this, coming to share not only their exercise routines to maintain their figures – in many cases enviable – but also what they do to distract themselves in their spare time, conversations with other celebrities, and even some scoop. Social media is the most direct way to connect celebrities with their fans!

That is why today we are going to bring you the Top 5 of celebrity videos that you should see today May 30, 2020.

1. Ricky Martin premieres a remix of his latest hit

Puerto Rican star Ricky Martin shared a preview of the remix of one of his latest hits, Sharks, along with fellow Puerto Rican Farruko.

2. Two Latin stars launch into an American classic

They are Chiquis Rivera and Becky G, who ventured to release a Spanish version of the Country music classic, Jolene, original from the legendary Dolly Parton. On this Chiquis pointed out: Dolly is an icon of music and women. It is an example to follow an honor to sing this song in Spanish. ”

3. Controversial rapper Tekashi69 risks leaving home

Although it’s only up front to see his cars, controversial rapper Tekashi69 steps outside with a bulletproof vest to protect himself from suspected enemies.

4. Ana Bárbara has an outfit for the whole week

Beautiful, talented and fun, this is the very Mexican Ana Bárbara. Of all the outfits for your week, which do you prefer?

5. A celebration at sea

This is how the couple of singers Anuel and Karol G celebrated the launch of the album by the pioneer of trap, called Enmanuel and available on all platforms starting today.

You know, these are the videos of celebrities that cannot be missed, today May 30, 2020.