Top 3 of the week!

And the weekend finally arrived! You are going to love this, we present you today a top 3 of the best songs and lists that you should listen to in your room today if you are not going to go out, and if you are going to go out to the club, or you will go to party in little house because these songs cannot be absent tonight! Are you ready? We tell you the best songs of the week only by Music News!

Here are the best 3 songs of the week, are you ready ?! Well, we started in place number three with “Qué más qué” by J Blavin and Maria Becerra, this song is going to enchant you because not only are both artists very talented but it is also a mixture of sensuality that we simply cannot handle, we don’t know. how to handle it! QUE! They are both complete gods, and you know what? It is what you need today, you need people who empower us through their talent and their career, people who help us to improve ourselves and who help us to have a vision and great self-esteem. They are undoubtedly masters in this part, so you can’t stop listening to “What else then” by J Balvin and Maria Becerra.

The second song that we bring you is, “Si nos nos deja” by Christian Nodal and Belinda, this featuring undoubtedly inspires us, not only because it is a song that comes from two committed people who are about to get married and who have been inspiration for more than one! In the middle of a pandemic, against many loves, but they managed to find their happiness! We love! We love! If you want to fall in love, this song is for you today, listening to it with some tequilas would also be very good.

And finally we have a song to fall in love with, of course we do! Well, one more cry, what else is lost, total, we are already halfway through the year, right? One more cry and we go! “You and I” a song by Scorpions, so or more romantic we are leaving you!

That’s the top 3 of the week! Enjoy it!

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