Top 12 iMessage Tricks – Do You Know Them All?

The Messages app is compatible with all Apple devices, we can send messages from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. Therefore, it is one of those apps that is worth trying.

iMessage tricksBest iMessage Tricks

Here you have 12 exclusive iMessage tricks that you surely did not know. Learn everything about the Apple messages app and discover all the secret functions it hides.

Pin a conversation to the top

One of the first tricks is also one of the most recent. Apple now allows us pin certain iMessage conversations in the upper area of ​​Messages for quick access.

To set up a conversation you just have to swipe the chat to the right. You will see a yellow thumbtack, when pressed, that conversation will be fixed at the top. To remove it just hold down the circle and tap Unpin.

Set messagePin any iMessage conversation

Add a photo and complete your profile in Messages

In Messages of the iPhone or iPad we can have our own profile picture and a custom name. To do so, just go to Messages, click at the top left on Edit and then in Edit name and photo.

We have numerous options for editing our profile photo. Any photo we have, an emoji, our initials or the letters we want, a Memoji and many suggestions.

Edit iMessage profileEdit your iMessage profile

React to a message in iMessage

Few know about this iMessage trick. We can react to a message with a heart, a like, a dislike, a laugh, an exclamation or a question. To do this, just hold down the message or quickly double-tap on it. This reaction will notify the rest of the chat users.

IMessage reactionsReactions to iMessages

Respond individually to a message

Similar to the previous one, we can also specifically respond to a message that has been sent to us. Holding down or tapping twice on the message appears Reply, and by pressing it we will respond to that message.

Reply iMessageResponding to messages in iMessage is very easy

Mention a contact in iMessage

This iMessage trick is perfect if you have a group with several users, you can mention any of them to notify them or to know that you mean them.

It’s very easy, just typing the name of the contact and clicking on it will appear just above, press and go.

IMessage mentionMention a contact in iMessage

Add amazing effects to your messages

One of the coolest Messages tricks on the iPhone and iPad. You can send messages with incredible effects. All you have to do is type the message and hold down the blue send arrow. You will see that a menu appears with many options, these are the different effects:

Strength: will appear suddenly on the screen.
Scream: it will grow large quickly and vibrate.
Smoothness: the message will appear large and will be reduced little by little.
Invisible Ink– The message will only be visible when you swipe over it.
Echo: dozens of the same messages will appear invading the screen.
Focus– A large spotlight will illuminate your message.
Balloons: several balloons will decorate the background.
Confetti: It will look like you are at a party with confetti.
Love: a huge heart will appear next to your message.
Laser rays: well that, lasers!
Fireworks: perfect for congratulations.
Shooting Star– A shooting star will pass across the screen and light up at the end.
Celebration: a spark cone effect.


IMessage cheats and secret codes

There are a number of secret messages that we can send from the iPhone or iPad with iMessage. These messages have a built-in effect that appears automatically. Every time you send these messages, an effect will appear automatically, both to you and to the recipient of the message:

Pew pew effect in iMessage

When sending the phrase pew pew Through Messages from our iPhone, iPad or Mac, a special effect with laser lights appears on the screen.

“Happy Birthday” effect in iMessage

If you send “Happy Birthday” to a contact through messages, colored balloons will appear floating on the iPhone or iPad.

“Happy New Year” effect in iMessage

The classic new year greetingWhen you send it, you will see fireworks appear all over the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Effect “Congratulations” in iMessage

If you want to congratulate someone on a new job or some other achievement, do it with iMessage, you will see colored confetti all over the screen.

Mute a Messages conversation

If you have a group that you don’t want to be notified of, or a recurring advertising message, in iMessage you can mute that conversation so that the notification does not appear.

All you have to do is swipe the chat to the left and tap on the purple icon with a crossed out bell, that conversation will be muted.

Mute iMessageMute any iMessage chat

Create your Memoji and send stickers

Now all users can create their own Memoji and share them with stickers in any type of app. To do this you must enter a Messages chat, click on the «A» from the App Store and the Memoji icon.

Now click on the 3 points and then on New Memoji. Now you just have to edit it to your liking and you can start sharing it. Memoji Stickers will be available in different applications.

How to send a voice note in iMessage

Voice memos are available in the Messages app on iPhone and iPad. Just enter a chat and long press the icon with some voice waves that appears in the text box.

How to send GIF from iMessage

The good thing about iMessage is that it has an App Store from which you can download very useful applications. If what you want to send is a GIF, I recommend that download giphy.

Click on the app store icon that appears in any iMessage chat, click on the blue “A” icon, and find and install Giphy.

To use it you just have to click on the apps icon from before and slide between the apps that appear until you find Giphy, from there you can search and send GIFs in iMessage.

Gif in iMessageSend GIFs in iMessage

How to take surveys in the Messages app

Similar to GIFs, there are also survey apps. Enter the iMessage App Store as we have done above and search TinyPool. Once installed, click on the icon, Start a Pool and it was your survey. You can use up to 3 answer options.

IMessage surveyHow to create a survey in iMessage

iMessage is a very complete application that outperforms WhatsApp or Telegram in many ways, the only thing missing is that iMessage is compatible with Android.