Top 10 news stories for May

June has already started and here we tell you which were the 10 most visited news of May.

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi add Tessa Thompson to their relationship

After a long party at the house of the director of: Jojo Rabbit ”, the lovers were very caramelized on the balcony of the mansion. After a few kisses between them, Tessa joined in, who seemed to be very comfortable in Taiki’s arms and even exchanging kisses with Rita. Look at all the photos.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez back together

Bennifer is back !!! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck resume their romance and take a romantic getaway to a ski resort in Montana. See here the photos that confirm it.

Expectation and reality: celebrities on instagram vs real life

Social networks are not what they seem and these celebrities, no matter how perfect they want to look, have another aspect. See here the comparison between the paparazzi photos and the ones they upload to Instagram. Social networks are not what they appear and these celebrities, no matter how perfect they want to look, have another aspect. See here the comparison between the photos of the paparazzi and those that they upload to Instagram.

Top 10 news stories for May

Loni Willison, from model to tramp

Loni Willison walks the streets of Venice and goes through the trash 3 years after becoming homeless. Continue reading.

Rihanna puts her millionaire legs on display

Rihanna changes her look and shows off her secured legs during her latest outing in Los Angeles. Here we tell you how much they are worth.

Jennifer Lopez is back in action with a stunning look

Despite having been involved in various personal and professional issues in recent months, Jennifer Lopez reaffirms what she has already said in some interviews: that she works like nobody else and is always thinking ahead about what she will do later. Continue reading.

Mark Wahlberg and his incredible makeover

Actors usually go through a very intense process to get under the skin of their characters and on several occasions this transformation requires a physical change. And this was the case of Mark Wahlberg who had to undergo a diet of 7,000 calories a day to gain more than 15 kilos. Read more.

Meet the mega mansion that Marc Anthony just sold in Miami

The Latin music superstar has managed to sell this gigantic mansion for the chilling sum of $ 27 million dollars. See here all the photos.

Top 10 news stories for MayTop 10 news items for May

World Lupus Day: Know which celebrities have this disease

Lupus is a chronic disease that can affect any part of the body, typically the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys, according to the Lupus Foundation of America.

Selena Gomez She is one of the artists who has shown her process in networks. The singer has been fighting lupus for years, so much so that she had to leave the stage for a while. Find out here that other celebrities fight against this disease.

Marc Anthony shows his support for David Beckham’s team

Marc Anthony and David Beckham met in one of Inter Miami’s games, in which Anthony showed his love. The renowned singer and the athlete chatted for a while in an entertaining way, as it is well known that not only do they feel mutual admiration, but that there has been a close friendship between them for a long time. Read more.

NYC records the first day with 0 deaths from coronavirus in months and the lowest positivity rates

SOL bounces, but does not confirm the uptrend